Audience Measurement: Challenging Preconceptions Richard Asquith, CEO, Kantar Media Audiences

Preceding sessions looked at changing audience behaviours and the cross-platform needs of the industry. Richard considered solutions to those challenges and discussed some of the ground-breaking initiatives being developed.

The new hybrid techniques are frequently challenging our preconceptions of how measurement systems should operate. How far will the industry be prepared to go? Richard’s keynote presentation set the scene for subsequent Summit discussion of transparency, industry cooperation and investment.


Multi-screen Measurement in PracticeAlexander Nielsen, Director of Nordic Research, SBS Discovery Media (Denmark)

Measuring exposure on all screens where our channels are being consumed is highly important. Alexander explained some of the different techniques that were being deployed in Norway and Denmark and some of the positive results they’ve experienced. He also looked at how usage compares across markets and how multi-screen measurement can be incorporated into market currencies.

Finally, he took us through industry reactions to the resulting measurements and what the next steps are for our industry.


The BBC and its global audience: the insight and measurement challenges of a multi -plat form, multi-content media provider James Holden, Director of Marketing & Audiences, BBC News (UK)

BBC News is the world’s largest broadcast news organisation, reaching towards 300 million people around the world every week across TV, radio, online and mobile and is available in 28 different languages.

James gave us his insights into the measurement challenges faced by BBC News along with their priorities and vision.


Utilising TV ATTRIBUTES to target online ad campaigns Dr. Joey You, Director of Video Analytics, Xaxis

Joey presented Xaxis’ approach to the video advertising marketplace and TV solutions. He showed us some real life case studies to represent how audience targeting tools are supporting advertisers’ goals.