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27-29 June 2023

The World Audiences Summit 2023 will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 27-29 June.

Our annual global gathering of industry leaders explores the forces and opportunities transforming your businesses data agenda, with a shared focus on sharing best practice and experiences in cross-platform and cross-media measurement.

Our 2023 edition, Pivotal Positions, will explore how we are looking to the future – to build and unlock measurement solutions.

Everyone looking to maximise the potential of their audience and their media investments are pivoting in one form or another to unlock growth. Some are pivoting to expand their subscription models, others are looking to buy and sell inventory, brands are adopting direct to consumer strategies, while broadcasters and networks are leveraging their uniqueness and critical mass – pivoting is the new norm!

Kantar is uniquely positioned to partner with our clients as they pivot. Whilst each company’s strategy is unique, audience measurement – based on trusted methodologies – is critical to the success of your future growth strategy.

In conjunction with our Programme Advisory Group we are curating a three-day event that will inspire, inform and energise the industry.